Given that the average Mum spends 51 hours preparing all the loveliness for Christmas Day, major building work in the lead up to Christmas was always going to end in heartache. But nothing prepared me for the challenge ahead…

perfecthousewifeI started off with a positive attitude. A romantic image of the family huddling up together with colourful scarves, red noses and hearty laughs. How could I be so naïve?

The main challenges of rebuilding a house just before Christmas:

1. Other lucky families are pondering the options of turkey, goose or duck. I’m wondering how to feed a family of four with a microwave perched on the floor in the sitting room. Slopping out gruel to sad little faces.

2. While everyone else is planning Christmas gifts, decorations, menus and all those gorgeous finishing touches, I have the challenge of trying to take a pee while my bathroom is ‘engaged’ with builders. Thankfully, there are some nice private corners in our garden.

3. There’s nowhere to wash the dishes. Oh silly me, there’s the shower. A bit like patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time, showering body and dishes can be very tricky and confusing.

4. I hear it’s time to order logs for the fire. I’m also listening to the wind howl through the chimney. “Shove a jumper up it”, says my ‘working away’ husband, as I hear the sound of hot bubbles cascading into a bathtub. I have visions of him donning a bath robe and perusing the room service menu.

5. Friends have been very supportive, offering us a bed for the night and a warm meal to lift our spirits. “If your house is not quite ready you can always stay for another night”, said one thoughtful friend. Not quite ready? The bedlinen for the four-poster isn’t quite soft enough; the fire not quite roaring; the mulled wine not quite spiced; and not quite enough gifts under the tree. No, our home is not quite ready for Christmas yet.

One thing’s for sure. This Christmas won’t be perfect, but it will be extra special. Every family does Christmas differently so, as we rebuild our family home, we will also be building our own new traditions and rituals. I’m really excited to start enjoying and remembering all those little things that make our Christmas special and unique. I’ll be savouring every moment.

M6D_WEB_580x330_Christmas_Memories_Squares_Zone_4Christmas Memories will help me to capture our 2015 Christmas, with all its trimmings – or not. I’ve no doubt we will look back and laugh. There’s always next year to spend 51 hours on preparation!

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