We create beautiful, high quality and emotive gifts designed to help people reflect and feel closer to those who matter to them. These are gifts that feel good to give and even better to receive. In this hectic world, our products make it easy for families and friends to capture and share precious stories and memories, as well as create special moments together, not leaving things unsaid or letting them go undiscovered. Our gifts are for that special occasion and beyond, as they will be treasured for many years to come. Many can be personalised to create something unique and individual. MAKING GIFTS MATTER

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  1. The Trials and Tribulations of Buying a Gift for a Man

    Let’s face it, buying a gift for a man can feel like embarking on an epic quest. Think Lord of the Rings, but instead of a ring, you’re hunting for the gift that won’t end up being sold at a car-boot sale. At FROM YOU TO ME, we understand these challenges all too well. So, sit back, relax, and let’s...

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  2. Our Team’s 6 Top Reads For 2024

    Get inspired this year with the latest picks from the From You To Me team! Explore our top reads for 2024 and fuel your inspiration!

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  3. A Love Story Through Time: Unearthing the Origins and Trends of Valentine's Day

    As February approaches, couples all over the world anticipate the arrival of Valentine's Day, a day devoted to the celebration of romantic love. Yet how many of us truly understand the origins of this special day? What might seem a modern tradition of exchanging heart-shaped chocolates, blooming roses and sweet nothings holds roots that stretch back to the 5th century...

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  4. A bit about us ...

    We love this time of year ... new year resolutions, planning, strategy and so on. As part of our planning for 2024, we have updated an overview on our business and wanted to share here so you can see what we are busy doing and trying to achieve. Do have a brief read and please connect with us if you...

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  5. Love is a Gift

    It is, once again, the time of year when companies play with our emotions and try to encourage us to make our Christmas celebrations and gatherings the best they can be by buying their food or gifts to ensure the festivities are just perfect. But what does perfect mean for you? This video, by Phil Beastall, was first brought to...

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