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  1. A Love Story Through Time: Unearthing the Origins and Trends of Valentine's Day

    As February approaches, couples all over the world anticipate the arrival of Valentine's Day, a day devoted to the celebration of romantic love. Yet how many of us truly understand the origins of this special day? What might seem a modern tradition of exchanging heart-shaped chocolates, blooming roses and sweet nothings holds roots that stretch back to the 5th century...

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  2. Love is a Gift

    It is, once again, the time of year when companies play with our emotions and try to encourage us to make our Christmas celebrations and gatherings the best they can be by buying their food or gifts to ensure the festivities are just perfect. But what does perfect mean for you? This video, by Phil Beastall, was first brought to...

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  3. A message for you whilst you're away at college or university

    One minute you’re holding their hand taking them to their first day at school, and the next you’re helping them pack to leave home and head off to university or college. Your emotions are mixed: delighted they’ve got what they needed in their exams; excited that they are about to start the next stage of their life; worried they will...

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  4. Making Memories, Celebrating The Lives Of Loved Ones & Ourselves - Guest Blog By Jane Fletcher, The Art Of Giving

    For this latest post, we’re very pleased to welcome Jane Fletcher, founder of The Art of Giving Community Interest Company, as a guest on our blog. Jane started a small not-for-profit called 'The Art of Giving Community Interest Company' in 2018 creating motivational words and images for community spaces. During Covid, this included sending out thousands of posters to the...

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  5. An Advent Calendar With A Difference – This Is One You’ll Want To Keep

    We're passionate about sharing memories and making them too. That’s why we’re so excited about the launch of our brand new Personalised Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar which will help you do just that, whether you treat a loved one or yourself.   In a world where advent calendars are getting not only bigger, but also more expensive, how about...

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