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  1. Waving goodbye

    Waving goodbye
    It’s a sure sign that my daughter is growing up when I’m waving her goodbye as her coach departs for her school residential. She’s smiling, laughing and waving excitedly and, waving back with a cheery smile, I’m actually very near to tears.I couldn’t be more excited for her. Her week will be packed with independence, fun and adventure. Mine will...

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  2. Triggering fond memories

    Triggering fond memories
    The experience of ‘interviewing’ a loved one with the help of a from you to me journal can be both enlightening and enjoyable. Our guest blogger, Andrew Eberlin of Eberlin Design tells us how.Like Neil, my father died far too young. I regret at not asking the right questions, or not spending more time with him. I imagine this is a common...

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  3. 6 Words You Should Say Today

    I was inspired by this blog this morning by Rachel Macy Stafford and wanted to share it with you.  As a business, we are all about close relationships with family and friends and this article about your relationship with your children really hit home for me.Enjoy!Neil"Very rarely does one sentence have immediate impact on me.Very rarely does one sentence change...

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  4. Luxuriate in cherished memories

    Luxuriate in cherished memories
    Editor at, the UK's largest spa booking agency, Bonnie Friend tells us how the experience of a spa break can be wonderfully bonding for loved ones.The fact that a spa break is an enjoyable, indulgent way to spend your time is not news to many people, but the quality time, and, dare we say it, bonding time it provides...

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  5. Memories are made of this . . . celebrate the lives of loved ones!

    Memories are made of this . . . celebrate the lives of loved ones!
    This weekend saw the celebration of Cliff Coxon’s life with the annual petanque tournament.  Brothers and Sister alike compete to take home the much coveted “I’m Brilliant" trophy.  The trophy was hand carved, by Mum, Joan Coxon, from a piece of Yew wood from our garden and the boules on the top belonged to Cliff.For those of you who don’t...

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  6. Dear Grandad

    Dear Grandad
    I gave my Grampa, Frank Gold, the first copy of Dear Grandad from you to me when it came off the production line in 2008. As a journalist at, and subsequently the chief editor of the Swansea Evening post I knew he had a love of stories. Grampa was born and still lived in Swansea so although I didn’t get...

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  7. WDYTYA Live Show, Olympia February 2013

    The bubble of Olympia was our home for three days at the end of February. Who Do You Think You Are? 2013, the biggest family history event in the world, buzzed with people on a mission – to find out who they really are. We had a potential challenge on our hands. Our objective was to gently encourage the more...

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  8. Do you really know your family?

    Do you really know your family?
    I always wanted to follow my dreams of running my own business. The loss of my father in 2007 encouraged me to take this step and create the ‘from you to me’ products to preserve priceless memories and stories. Hoping to inspire people to get to know their loved ones before it’s too late I created the journals to create...

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