We welcome you to the from you to me Head Office, where we have pinned down (not literally) the founder to answer some incredibly important questions as part of celebrating 10 years of preserving cherished moments and enriching lives.  Here is your chance to learn a little more about him.

Your name?

Adrian Neil Coxon – yes I blame my parents for being called by my middle name! Actually my brother and sister chose Adrian to go with my parent's choice of Neil as they both already had two names. They chose a favourite character from a television show they watched, so it is a good job I am not called Tonto!

Your job title?

Managing Director or Chief Story Teller.


What is a day in the life of the creator of From you to me like?

Running a business means getting involved in all sorts of things – there isn’t a day that’s the same and there isn’t a day when I don't learn something new. Having a number of new team members now means having to let go to more and more too – but I am still regularly the IT help-desk, coffee buyer and box carrier!

How do you think your team would describe you?

Good question. I will ask them to answer this one at our planning meeting this week as it is very important as the ‘boss’ that I do understand how I come across. I am acutely aware I have a 'be perfect' driver - but I am also sure I am approachable, but I do need to find more time for everyone in the team.

What has been your highlight since starting in 2007?

Reaching 10 years is quite a highlight in itself ... as was selling our millionth copy! But overall I would say it was the day I took ‘the plunge’ and decided to set up my own business and start from you to me. I have truly never looked back since that day … it’s not all been easy, but, with the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done it earlier in my life.

Tell us something interesting about yourself?

A couple of things about myself that might be interesting? Well ... I was a world record holder once, featuring in the Guinness Book of Records. If you want to know what in, please put a comment on this blog! I am also Chair of Governors at a local Primary School and, if I had my time again, like the rest of my family I am pretty sure I would have worked in education - or been an Olympic athlete!

What is your favourite story that has come from your day to day life over the last 10 years?

When I first planned and researched the questions for our ‘from you to me’ memory journals, I always argued that it was hard to have a ‘favourite’ in many things and I preferred to ask ‘what would be in your top-ten’. It was easier to answer.

So, a story from my day to day life that would certainly be in my 'top 10' would be my memory of sailing in our family dinghy ‘Windy Wagtail’ on the River Dart when my daughter won the youngest sailor trophy at aged 7. A proud day.

What do you think is the most valuable question you could ask somebody?

I am definitely a question asker, however, for me, I think it is more important to consider the way you respond and react when you have asked a question than it is to actually get the question right. 'Open' questions find out more, but many people seem too busy these days to truly engage and listen to what others have to say.

Listening is a real skill, so practice it, whatever question you decide to ask to find out things from others. If you listen well you will be amazed what you will learn.

If you could be a superhero which one would you be and why?

If I could be a super-hero, I would definitely be a ‘super-inspirer’! I would like to encourage children and adults to have the confidence to be brave and succeed & achieve in whatever they want.