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I was born in the 60’s, and I am a mother, partner, sister, daughter, friend and creative director at FROM YOU TO ME, based in Holt, near Bath. I love doing anything creative, from ceramics, sewing to interior design.

I like to give anything a go and one of my favourite phrases is “Better to have said ‘Ah Well’ than ‘What If’”, which I always put on the cover of my personalised diary. Much like Alice, I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast, which means my head is always buzzing with ideas and trying to find ways to make them happen.

I believe that nothing is forever, so if you want to do something different, you need to focus on developing transferable skills so that you can change and move to suit your ambitions and desires. I’ve had four very different fabulous careers, with each one helping to give me the skills to be able to work as I do today.


There are so many, but, without a doubt, the best one is having an amazing, high-functioning team. Seeing each of them grow as individuals, and providing coaching and mentoring, often without them realising it is happening. Giving people the chance to try things, even if it takes them out of their comfort zone, knowing that they will be supported along the way and rewarding their successes.

Just as we started the business, and sadly after many miscarriages, I found out I was pregnant at 42. I wanted to keep a journal about the journey, and discovered there wasn’t anything on the market that told me how my baby was developing, as well as allowing me to record what I was doing and how I was feeling.

I had studied embryology as part of my degree, so during my pregnancy I decided to write ‘Bump To Birthday’, an illustrated pregnancy and first year journal for myself. After my daughter was born and I realised what a wonderful keepsake I had created, we then decided to publish the journal so that other mothers-to-be could capture their experiences. The journal has won many awards, including the International Publishing Awards in 2014, and is now available in several languages and three different designs.

Running any business isn’t easy as more than half fail within the first three years. We’ve managed to survive and grow through so many challenges: recessions, ash clouds, snow storms, cancer diagnoses and treatment, Suez Canal blockages and pandemics, to name a few. So, I am proud that we’ve be able to navigate our way through difficult times and still keep a sense of humour!

Award-winning pregnancy & first year journal, Bump To Birthday

Influence is a persuasive process and doesn’t happen overnight, as it’s a product of trust. So in order to influence, it’s important to be present and connect with the people you are working with. I am open and I aim to ask questions so that I can understand. I aim to listen with empathy, and I’m not afraid to say that I’ve got something wrong or that I don’t know how to do it, but I ensure that I actively learn from it, so that the people around me see that it’s OK to make a mistake. I aim to make sure people are comfortable with what is being asked of them, and to assure them that help is available should they need it.

I like to educate, encourage, and praise sincerely, providing honest feedback and helping others grow. I build relationships based on honesty, trust, and sincerity, so that everyone feels invested, allowing us to work together for the long term and in the knowledge that we are in it together.


This year’s theme is so important as it’s about everyone being included and having a sense of belonging, by embracing equity, we embrace diversity. It’s about focussing on the process and attitude changes and not the outcome, because by doing that, the end goal happens. To quote people much cleverer than me, “Don't just say it. Think it. Be it. Do it. Value it. Truly embrace it”.

We all need to challenge ourselves in the way we think and how we judge. Most people develop prejudices and create stereotypes which are based on personal experiences and influences, so we need to be aware of this and seek to challenge our own perceptions as well as those of others. Always being open to, and drawing attention to, bias even when it is unconscious provides a means to genuine inclusion.

FROM YOU TO ME Personalised Combined Diary & Notebook
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