What is a business? According to Richard Branson, the answer is simple. It’s “an idea that makes someone else’s life better”.

Every week we receive emails and social media posts from customers who say from you to me journals have made their life better. Over the next week, in the lead up to the #pitchtorich voting deadline, we will be sharing some lovely touching stories. Here’s Sally’s story.

E2_A_BtoBPROPSSally and her partner are a same-sex couple celebrating the wonderful news that they are to become parents. Straight away they were keen to start capturing their precious pregnancy journey, from discovering the wonderful news, to scan pictures, to the amazing stages of the growing bump, the wonderful emotional journey, and their hopes and fears along the way. They searched hard, to no avail, for a pregnancy journal that was right and appropriate for their family, so they contacted from you to me to ask for our help.

Especially for Sally and her partner, we created a gorgeous personalised version of our award-winning pregnancy and first year journal, Bump to Birthday, which is also available as a stock item to order straight away. It’s thrilling for us to receive the following wonderful feedback from Sally:Sally

We’ve loved helping Sally and her partner, and we have a vision to share with #pitchtorich. As Sally says, please vote here!