Mother's Day was last Sunday and we have asked Mother and Daughter Kathy and Meg to give a little insight of some of their motherhood experiences, memories and stories,

A little about our guests…..

Daughter's Name: Meg Birleson

Age: 35

How many children: 3

Location: Wiltshire, UK

Mother's Name: Kathy Keltner

Age: 66

How many children: 2

Location: Tennessee

You both live hundreds of miles apart with the Atlantic between you. I imagine this makes sharing your stories and memories ever more important?

Meg: Yes. We talk every day through some form of messaging or phone call. Our relationship and her relationship with my children is really important to me. I know she also feels the same. It keeps me grounded to speak with her and to listen to each other’s advice.

Kathy: The old saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is very true so we make the effort to talk or skype as often as possible.

How did you feel when you first found out you were expecting?

Meg: I was very excited and nervous at the same time. I suddenly worried if I knew what I was doing or if I would be good enough. At the same time, I couldn’t wait to tell our family and friends.

Kathy: Very excited but scared of the life long responsibility.

What were your first thoughts after having met your newborn baby? Was choosing the right name a difficult decision?

Meg: I was shocked that she was finally here, healthy, happy and perfect. I just kept staring at her in disbelief that my body made and grew her. Her name Ashlin is a little different, so for several days I kept looking at her thinking “Have we named her the right name? She doesn’t look like an Ashlin!” She does now.

Kathy: It was such deep love.  We had planned to name Meg after her grandmother and great- grandmother, so her name was already chosen.

Did becoming a mother give you a closer bond with your own Mother?

Meg: Yes, definitely! Since the first pregnancy and every year since then, I think it has become stronger. We talk more and more as the kids get older because there is so much more to tell about my day, and so many questions to ask.

Kathy: She was sadly not alive but her presence, guidance and inspiration were always with me.

When you were little girls, how did you imagine motherhood?

Meg: I always wanted more than 2 children. My mum had 2 of us and always seemed busy, so that’s how I imagined my experience would be.

Kathy: We just copied what we saw, We didn’t really understand it all…. But do now.

What is your favourite memory as a mother so far?

Meg: Watching my children play together and bond. It makes me so happy that they have become best friends and love each other. Also seeing them form bonds with my parents, brother and husbands family.

Kathy: Watching Meg become a mother, so she will now know the depth of my love for her.

As a Child what was your fondest memory of your mother?

Meg: My mother took me to visit her University when I was a teenager. We went to a football game, walked around campus and she took me to see her sorority house. I loved it so much that I went to the same university. It was very surreal. I moved into the same dorms that she used to live in. It’s a nice experience that we both share.

Kathy: Overall her fun loving spirit.

What advice would you give to the next generation of your family for when they start parenthood?

Meg: Relax and do your best, its not a competition. Always ask for help when you need it.

Kathy: Be just like their parents as they are doing such a great job.

Ok last question, Meg do you have a story that your mother has  shared with you?

Meg: Yes. Quite a few. One of my favourites was about her time at University. My mum and her friends took in hitchhiker (back when it was more safe and common to do so) They hid him, so they wouldn’t get in trouble, for several days. They gave him food, which they snuck up from the kitchen, and gave him somewhere to sleep. Once he was back on his feet he moved onto the next city. They never saw or heard from him again. It is a good story that I will enjoy passing on when the children are older.