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  1. A Love Story Through Time: Unearthing the Origins and Trends of Valentine's Day

    As February approaches, couples all over the world anticipate the arrival of Valentine's Day, a day devoted to the celebration of romantic love. Yet how many of us truly understand the origins of this special day? What might seem a modern tradition of exchanging heart-shaped chocolates, blooming roses and sweet nothings holds roots that stretch back to the 5th century...

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  2. 'Being Human' - the ability to love

    'Being Human' - the ability to love
    A nice relaxing drive to a business meeting. Latte to hand, cruising in the slow lane, radio on. Before long I’m blinking giant tears and letting out involuntary sobs. I’m moved by an interview with the journalist Robert Peston, where the BBC’s business editor explains that, for him, ‘being human’ is defined by the ability to love.Peston lost his wife...

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