A nice relaxing drive to a business meeting. Latte to hand, cruising in the slow lane, radio on. Before long I’m blinking giant tears and letting out involuntary sobs. I’m moved by an interview with the journalist Robert Peston, where the BBC’s business editor explains that, for him, ‘being human’ is defined by the ability to love.

Peston lost his wife, the talented author Sian Busby, to cancer just a year ago. A long five year battle, in which neither of them would ever admit that the end was in sight, culminated in what he describes as a ‘brutal loss’.
Losing someone close far too early has always been a deep fear of mine - a common fear, I'm sure. I lost my dear grandmother at 94 which left a deep void, but to lose someone ‘before their time’ to a stony-hearted disease seems too cruel a blow. The way in which Peston describes his love for his wife in such a measured, proud, respectful way, is a privilege to hear.
After the tears subside I feel quite uplifted. The determination of Peston to honour his wife’s memory and work is an inspiration to us all.
Listen to the BBC Radio 2 podcast for yourself: http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/human