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  1. 8 tips to make #WalktoSchool Week fun and healthy

    As #WalktoSchool Week kicks off, we’ve taken a look at all the benefits of getting those little legs walking, rather than jumping in the car to be chauffeured. Why not take part and join over a million pupils and their families to celebrate walking to school? Research has shown that the benefits to children are profound – challenge everyone in...

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  2. Secrets of health and happiness: worms and walks

    At last the sun is shining and everyone’s getting excited and motivated. The health campaigns have kicked off, and we are all being urged to get fit and in touch with nature. But where do you start? Health and wellbeing campaigners are an opportunistic bunch. They like to catch us at our most vulnerable. The terrifying thought of the flesh-baring holidays...

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  3. 7 outdoor family activities to awaken your senses

    As the Wildlife Trusts prepare to launch their 30 Days Wild campaign to get us all outside soaking up the freshness of Spring, we’ve chosen our top picks of simple ideas to get you and your family excited about the outdoors, using all of your senses… 1. Go on a sound safari Explore all the sounds of your neighbourhood by...

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  4. An emoji can’t replace a hug

    We got quite excited when we were asked to be a National Unplugging Day partner. We were keen to help parents encourage their children to switch off their gadgets and see the benefits of spending more time engaging with their families, friends and nature, in the way ourJournals of a Lifetime do. Little did we realise that it’s us parents...

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  5. Happy New Year, Happy New You

    As we drip in to a very wet and windy 2014 I thought I would share my favourite poem which I hope you like as much as I do. So if there is anything you want to do in 2014 then just take off your coat and go to it . . .It couldn't be done by Edgar Guest Somebody said...

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  6. Embracing the Summer Hols

    Embracing the Summer Hols
    Before I became a mother the summer holidays just passed me by. I never noticed the escaping traffic crawling slowly, bumper to bumper. I was blissfully unaware of the hoards of children roaming free being entertained and holidayed. For me, summer was just another season. Now I am a parent I’m quite amazed that the country (let alone the world...

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  7. A New Year

    A New Year
    Hello ...Well that was a hectic Christmas period for us and we sincerely hope we managed to deliver what you needed at the right time.We have now completed our first trade show of the year - The International Spring Fair at the NEC.  This is Europe's largest Gift Fair and the carpet layers told me that if you walk every...

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