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  1. Our Team’s 6 Top Reads For 2024

    Get inspired this year with the latest picks from the From You To Me team! Explore our top reads for 2024 and fuel your inspiration!

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  2. A bit about us ...

    We love this time of year ... new year resolutions, planning, strategy and so on. As part of our planning for 2024, we have updated an overview on our business and wanted to share here so you can see what we are busy doing and trying to achieve. Do have a brief read and please connect with us if you...

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  3. Inspiring New Book Reminds Us We Can All Make A Difference

    ‘Verdy, A Seed For Change In The City’ is our new children’s picture book, featuring a charming, whimsical character, Verdy, who serves to highlight the importance of nature and the power of communities coming together to create positive change. These are themes that we strongly support in our approach to business; “We can’t do everything, we can’t do nothing, but we...

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  4. International Women's Day Q&A With Our Creative Director, Helen

    TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOURSELF I was born in the 60’s, and I am a mother, partner, sister, daughter, friend and creative director at FROM YOU TO ME, based in Holt, near Bath. I love doing anything creative, from ceramics, sewing to interior design. I like to give anything a go and one of my favourite phrases is “Better...

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  5. Starting a conversation about Climate Change & Social Value

    Our business financial year runs to the end of January and at the end of every year we spend a creative day out of the office as a team to review the previous year and plan for the next. This year's discussions were inspired by our friend and business consultant, Jason Roofe.  Jason is passionate about our planet and is...

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