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  1. Journals of a Lifetime travel to Spain

    We are thrilled to announce our first foreign language rights partnership with Cuentame Tu Vida, a Barcelona-based publishing company. Cuentame Tu Vida have signed a licence agreement to translate, print and market our Journals of a Lifetime within Spain in both Spanish and Catalan languages.

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  2. An emoji can’t replace a hug

    We got quite excited when we were asked to be a National Unplugging Day partner. We were keen to help parents encourage their children to switch off their gadgets and see the benefits of spending more time engaging with their families, friends and nature, in the way ourJournals of a Lifetime do. Little did we realise that it’s us parents...

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  3. Our Lives Are Better When They’re A Little Bit Wild

    We are very excited at From You To Me because we have just sent a new journal off to be printed, ready to be launched at the end of August 2015. However, what makes this very different is that we have created this journal in collaboration with the lovely people at Dorset Wildlife Trust who are an independent charity under...

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  4. Inspiring Dads

    We are approaching Father's Day on June 21st, a date that is also celebrated in many countries around the world, and as a father myself, it started me wondering about my role as a Dad for my daughter, Mila. Am I a good father? Do I act as a role model for her? Do I provide inspiration? As a school...

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  5. How to make someone else's life better

    What is a business? According to Richard Branson, the answer is simple. It’s “an idea that makes someone else’s life better”. Every week we receive emails and social media posts from customers who say from you to me journals have made their life better. Over the next week, in the lead up to the #pitchtorich voting deadline, we will be...

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  6. Where have all those Stories & Photos gone?

    Joan Coxon 19th June 1926 - 14th December 2014 It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that I recently lost my Mum who passed away just before Christmas. She was 88 - not a bad age and not a bad life she had lead, but still too soon for her and the family who remain. Sorting...

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  7. Read all about it - gifts in bookshops

    More increasingly gift and stationery products are playing a leading part in the success of the book industry. Kerri Littlefield at from you to me investigates. Traditionally for bookshops, gifts and stationery are seen as add-on products, but is this changing? While some bookshops insist that books are still their core business, many have come to realise that to succeed in...

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  8. Gift Focus Magazine - Using 'story telling' to influence others ...

      Every month I write an article for Gift Focus Magazine around a question they have been asked by their readers. You can see their full magazine by clicking on this image.         This month's question was: Q.   I sometimes struggle to get my message across and to influence others … how can I improve? You...

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  9. Christmas from a child's eyes

    As the excitement of Christmas bubbles under the surface, we chatted with Evie 12, Megan 11, and Charlie and Jimmy 6, about what makes the festive season such fun. • What’s the best thing about Christmas? "The feeling of waking in the morning – that Christmas spirit. Seeing my family so happy when they open their presents – you feel...

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  10. The key to knowing Mum and Dad better this Christmas

    The key to knowing Mum and Dad better this Christmas
    Ruth is a 38 year old primary school teacher and mother of two young girls from Oxfordshire. This year Ruth got in touch with us to share her experience of how a from you to me journal touched her family’s life. “I gave Mum and Dad a from you to me journal for Christmas 2012. A year later they gave it back to...

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