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  1. Independent Publisher's Book Awards - Best Children's Picture Book

    Sadly for us  there will not be the glitzy award ceremony in New York this year due to Covid-19 stopping us all in our tracks, but that isn’t going to stop us celebrating THE GREAT ALIEN CAKE OFF winning BRONZE in the Best Children’s Picture Book Category at the INDEPENDENT PUBLISHER BOOK AWARDS 2020. What are the Independent Publisher Book...

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  2. Mental Health Awareness Week

    Never has there been more of a need for us to be kind. To our partners, our children, our neighbours and ourselves as we have found ourselves isolated and distanced from our friends and loved ones for the longest duration in any of our lifetimes. Many people struggle with mental health issues and this challenge has been exacerbated this year...

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  3. COVID-19 Update

    Dear Friends The health of our families, friends and colleagues is of the utmost importance to us. We are continuing to monitor the current situation with the COVID 19 situation and are working hard to ensure our employees and partners are kept safe, healthy and secure. Times are hard and we may not be able to visit our loved ones...

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  4. Shortlisted for the British Book Awards as well as Winning Gift of the Year!

    Big Hurrah! FROM YOU TO ME have been short-listed for the British Book ‘Small Press of the Year’ Award with the winners to be announced in May at a prestigious evening in London. We are so proud to receive this recognition. It is a real accolade for our team and our authors who work so hard to produce wonderful products...

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  5. The Elephant in the Room - Guest Blog by Jane Duncan Rogers

    The Elephant in the Room - Guest Blog by Jane Duncan Rogers
    Right now, there is probably an elephant lurking in your room. It’ll be either deeply hidden behind the furniture, or able to be seen but stuck in the corner of the room, or in some cases, it might be right in the middle of the room, and people pass around it. I call this elephant End of Life Ellie. Otherwise...

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  6. Do you know your 'real' Dad?

    With Father’s Day approaching in many countries of the world, I have been reflecting on my life as Dad to my daughter who has just celebrated her 11th birthday this month. I can't believe it is June already, and I certainly can't believe she is into her 12th year. Time flies by and it seems to fly by even quicker...

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  7. from you to me say Bonjour to a new French partnership

    We have just signed a new partnership agreement with French publishers Editions de la Sarriette to distribute French versions of our award-winning journals and books across France. Our new partnership is with a similar family business based in a small medieval village just outside Monaco. The French have a strong affinity for family and 'patrimoine' (heritage) so the owners of...

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  8. Do you really know your family?

    As we approach the centenary of the armistice that brought an end to World War I, it made us realise how many of the real stories from the war are already lost.  Diaries have been found by some families telling the story of what is was really like to be involved, but if those people were here now, what questions...

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  9. The Summer Slide

    Helen B, Consumer Communications Champion at from you to me and mum of two boys, introduces My Summer Rant & Rave - our summer writing competition for primary aged children - and explains the motivation behind it.  In the US the term ‘the summer slide’ is pretty well known, as for here in the UK we might be more familiar...

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  10. Interpreting the stories in 'The Book Of Upside Down Thinking' by Brian Patten

    Brian Patten, author of the beautiful The Book Of Upside Down Thinking, joins us once again as a guest on the blog to give us a further insight into his magical new collection of humorous and thought-provoking verse, in this post looking at interpreting the stories. There is no one interpretation or ‘meaning’ to a Djuha story and there are hundreds of stories. The first ones...

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