We are often asked why our journals and books are so popular … and I decided to try to answer this question.  There are four main reasons as I see it, but maybe you can add your own to my list.  Please do share your thoughts.


They are a thoughtful and easy purchase …

The price point is sensible, it’s not going to break the bank, especially important in the current economic climate. It’s also not a price point on which most people must ponder for long to decide whether they are happy to spend that amount on a gift.

These products don’t take up too much space on the retailer’s shelf or in the customer’s bag. They are easy to pick up straight away, portable and also effortless to wrap!


Keepsakes for sharing …

These gifts are for that special gifting occasion and beyond as, whilst easy to buy, they are also items that will be either shared with, or passed to, others in the family and treasured for many years to come.


Spontaneous gifting …

Retailers can put book ideas easily in front of the customer helping them to be inspired to buy a thoughtful gift for that ‘hard to buy for’ friend or family member.

There are so many books available. Recent figures estimated that over 2 million books are published worldwide every year and in 2022 nearly 700 million books were sold in the UK alone.  So how can the retailer or the customer find what they want given this huge choice?

Our books do the marketing themselves as they are high quality to touch and say what they do on the cover. They show off to the customer. They are different. There is something for everyone.

Amazon can’t compete with that offering.


Make it personal …

FROM YOU TO ME create beautiful, high-quality and emotive gifts designed to help people reflect and feel closer to those who matter to them.  Journals and books that create a meaningful gift rather than just the normal ‘stuff’ that can often be given. Many of the titles can also be personalised to create something unique and individual.

The cost-of-living crisis is increasingly driving customers to look for value for money with a demand on gifting that really does mean something.  We have so much experience of knowing our products make customers cry!

The COVID experience highlighted how important it is for us as humans, and especially as families, to stay close to those who matter.  In this hectic world, our products make it easy for families and friends to capture and share precious stories and memories, as well as create special moments together, not leaving things unsaid or letting them go undiscovered.

Surely there is nothing more important than that?

Do let me know your views on this, thanks for reading ...


And to finish on a gifting quiz question for you …

Q. In which country is it customary to give everyone books on Christmas Eve and spend the evening reading together?

Scroll down to see the answer ...











This unique tradition has been a cherished part of Icelandic culture for decades. It is eagerly awaited each year by both young and old alike. Today, Icelanders celebrate Jolabokaflod by exchanging books on Christmas Eve and spending the night reading together by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate.