Sometimes it is not always easy to realise that your own mum had an amazing life before you came along. Yes she really did do things without you! She did some incredible things and has built up a wealth of experience ...

We don't have access to your mum's memories or experiences, however, FROM YOU TO ME has created some beautiful memory books for your mum to record them for you. They are all called 'FROM YOU TO ME' journals as they are a gift you give to her, to then get back once she has completed it for you.

You can give your mum a journal as a gift and encourage her to complete it for you with her memories and life stories ... they do say we all have one book in us, and this will be hers that will be treasured forever.

The journals come in different designs, or you could always opt to personalise it specially for your own mum - do have a look here:

The most important thing is to make your mum feel loved and appreciated, and by giving her a memory book, you are not only preserving her life stories but also showing her how much she means to you.


"Mum, what's even more beautiful than this picture is that I now know what you were thinking."


You could always encourage her to complete her book by asking her specific questions to discover more about her life and what has made her the person she is now. Think about what you want to know or use the variety of questions from the journal to help

1. Ask her specific questions: Ask about her childhood, her family, and any interesting experiences she has had. Consider asking about her favourite memories, the happiest day of her life, her proudest accomplishments, and what she wants to achieve in the future.

2. Record it all: When talking to your Mum, keep a pen and paper handy or use a voice recorder app on your phone to capture everything she has to say.

3. Collect old photos: Gather old family photos and ask your Mum to share the stories behind each photo. You can then add these photos to the journal

4. Include other family members: Ask siblings, cousins, and other family members to contribute their memories and stories about your Mum.

Whatever you do, enjoy the process and enjoy learning more about your own mum. She really does have a depth of experience and you might just learn something from her by seeing how she has made decisions in her life and, in particular, by how she has brought you up. Being a parent is not an easy job and no one ever trains you in how to do it ... you can learn from reading articles and books but one mostly learns from one's own experiences and observing others.

Enjoy creating these amazing Journals of a Lifetime ... probably the most treasured books you will ever own.

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