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  1. An emoji can’t replace a hug

    We got quite excited when we were asked to be a National Unplugging Day partner. We were keen to help parents encourage their children to switch off their gadgets and see the benefits of spending more time engaging with their families, friends and nature, in the way ourJournals of a Lifetime do. Little did we realise that it’s us parents...

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  2. How to make someone else's life better

    What is a business? According to Richard Branson, the answer is simple. It’s “an idea that makes someone else’s life better”. Every week we receive emails and social media posts from customers who say from you to me journals have made their life better. Over the next week, in the lead up to the #pitchtorich voting deadline, we will be...

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  3. Where have all those Stories & Photos gone?

    Joan Coxon 19th June 1926 - 14th December 2014 It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that I recently lost my Mum who passed away just before Christmas. She was 88 - not a bad age and not a bad life she had lead, but still too soon for her and the family who remain. Sorting...

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  4. Christmas from a child's eyes

    As the excitement of Christmas bubbles under the surface, we chatted with Evie 12, Megan 11, and Charlie and Jimmy 6, about what makes the festive season such fun. • What’s the best thing about Christmas? "The feeling of waking in the morning – that Christmas spirit. Seeing my family so happy when they open their presents – you feel...

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  5. The key to knowing Mum and Dad better this Christmas

    The key to knowing Mum and Dad better this Christmas
    Ruth is a 38 year old primary school teacher and mother of two young girls from Oxfordshire. This year Ruth got in touch with us to share her experience of how a from you to me journal touched her family’s life. “I gave Mum and Dad a from you to me journal for Christmas 2012. A year later they gave it back to...

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  6. Triggering fond memories

    Triggering fond memories
    The experience of ‘interviewing’ a loved one with the help of a from you to me journal can be both enlightening and enjoyable. Our guest blogger, Andrew Eberlin of Eberlin Design tells us how.Like Neil, my father died far too young. I regret at not asking the right questions, or not spending more time with him. I imagine this is a common...

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  7. Back to school: fading summer tans & bright keen eyes

    Back to school: fading summer tans & bright keen eyes
    Crisp white cotton, perfectly pressed pleats, stiff shiny shoes. Fading summer tans and bright keen eyes. The start of a new school year.These milestones make us well aware of just how much our little ones have grown. All that outdoor fun and sunshine has fed their growth spurt, and the new school starters look so tiny in comparison. And in...

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  8. Embracing the Summer Hols

    Embracing the Summer Hols
    Before I became a mother the summer holidays just passed me by. I never noticed the escaping traffic crawling slowly, bumper to bumper. I was blissfully unaware of the hoards of children roaming free being entertained and holidayed. For me, summer was just another season. Now I am a parent I’m quite amazed that the country (let alone the world...

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  9. Get Children Writing

    Get Children Writing
    Margaret Young at our stockist, The Paperie, is our guest blogger this week. This week being National Stationery Week Margaret tells us how important the Get Britain Writing Campaign is for children.So the Stationery world has been buzzing with excitement for some weeks now – National Stationery Week (22nd-24th April) has linked with the National Literacy Trust – the only...

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  10. Luxuriate in cherished memories

    Luxuriate in cherished memories
    Editor at, the UK's largest spa booking agency, Bonnie Friend tells us how the experience of a spa break can be wonderfully bonding for loved ones.The fact that a spa break is an enjoyable, indulgent way to spend your time is not news to many people, but the quality time, and, dare we say it, bonding time it provides...

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