As the Wildlife Trusts prepare to launch their 30 Days Wild campaign to get us all outside soaking up the freshness of Spring, we’ve chosen our top picks of simple ideas to get you and your family excited about the outdoors, using all of your senses…

1. Go on a sound safari
Explore all the sounds of your neighbourhood by organising a sound safari. From sirens, wind, planes and diggers, to birdsong and dog barks. They all make up the wonderful sounds of the outdoors. Listen… what can you hear?!

Lorton Meadows 25Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 14.24.032. Organise a litter pick or beach clean
Just imagine what you may find! Hidden treasure, fantastic fossils, interesting bones… and, at the same time, you can clear up any litter that may be unhealthy for the local wildlife. Here’s some Wildlife Watch litter pick tips to make sure you stay safe.

Last weekend, inspired by Martin Dorey, we undertook a two minute beach clean. Send your 2 minute beach or hedgerow clean-up photos to [email protected] and show us want you cleaned up.

3. Rain, rain – don’t go away!
Ever tried dancing in the rain?! Take advantage of every sensory experience of the outdoors.
• Listen to the rhythm of the rain as it hits the puddles and roof.
• Jump in puddles! Run through puddles! Gallop, skip, & hop through puddles!
• Taste the rain – catch a raindrop on your tongue.
• Look at reflections in puddles.

4. Down tools
Put down those garden tools, get out the deck chairs, find a sunny spot and soak up that Vitamin D, because nature loves a neglected wild spot. Don’t mow the lawn or weed the paving - just sit back and let it grow.

5. Create some land art
Create some beautiful, simple land art, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy’s nature art. The whole family can get creative with sticks, stones, leaves, petals and shells. Create shapes of animals, landscapes, faces or anything you fancy. Find some inspiration from the Imagination Tree.

2. Children jumping in a puddle © Katharine Davies6. 30 Days Wild
With the Wildlife Trusts’ help you can do something wild every day for a month. No matter where you live – from urban jungle to a windswept mountain – wildlife and wild places are all around waiting to be discovered by you. Sign up to receive your inspirational pack.

7. Get Kids Writing
Get engaged in making your outdoors special with Rant & Rave, My Wild Life. Packed with fun activities and prompts to help you log your passion for nature and the outdoors. And award-winner at the Gentle Parenting Awards 2016! Order yours now with free UK delivery if you use the voucher code 'OUTDOORS'. Expires at midnight on 30th April and is subject to availability. Enjoy!


The Wildlife Trusts

Andy Goldsworth, natural artist

The Imagination Tree

Martin Dorey