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  1. Dear Grandad

    Dear Grandad
    I gave my Grampa, Frank Gold, the first copy of Dear Grandad from you to me when it came off the production line in 2008. As a journalist at, and subsequently the chief editor of the Swansea Evening post I knew he had a love of stories. Grampa was born and still lived in Swansea so although I didn’t get...

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  2. 'from you to me' link with Gift Focus Magazine

    'from you to me' link with Gift Focus Magazine
    Hello from a wet summer in the south-west of England.We are currently working closely with a Gift Trade publication called Gift Focus Magazine where we have regular features on our current and upcoming products and campaigns.One thing I am doing is to write an Answer to the Questions that are posed to the magazine in the area of Human Resource topics. You...

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  3. Pricing strategies ... RRP or bust?

    I would be interested in your views on the current state of pricing in our gift and book market - or indeed other areas too.  Whether you work in the trade or are simply a consumer - do you agree / what do you think?Our products have a recommended retail price (RRP) ... they also have an ISBN number.  This...

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