With Father’s Day approaching in many countries of the world, I have been reflecting on my life as Dad to my daughter who has just celebrated her 11th birthday this month.

I can't believe it is June already, and I certainly can't believe she is into her 12th year.

Time flies by and it seems to fly by even quicker as you get older.  I increasingly find myself wanting to treasure every moment I spend with my daughter, and at this rate, it wont be long before she flies the nest.  Do you find that too?

For my daughter, it seems an age for her next birthday to come along! For me, now I am in my 50s, time definitely seems to go faster and each birthday comes around far too quickly. Why is that? We seem to sleep less when we get older … so are we just increasingly busy, making the time seem to pass more quickly?

Life seems to be so busy and we can often feel like we are paddling like the proverbial swan under water.  Working hard plus the general stresses that life throws at us and then add on the time many of us spend these days on social media ... and this all adds up to mean we simply don't have much spare time if any at all. But why are we interested in the lives of people we either don't know or hardly know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram rather than spending time, and building closer relationships, with the people who really matter to us?

I too can feel these pressures, although I have found a way to develop closer relationships with friends and family through the products our business has developed over the last 12 years.  In our busy lives, all our books & journals can help to bring you closer to the people who matter the most.

Begin your journey to get closer to someone who matters to you with our 3-step from you to me plan:

1. Decide who you want to feel closer to ...

2. Order the right gift journal or book especially for them - there's one for everyone and you can even personalise many of them for that extra special touch

3. Give the gift ... and start your journey to get closer to them

This Father's Day, why not spend some time getting to know your 'real' father.  For those of us who no longer have their dad around, this is a missed opportunity that we can sadly do nothing about.

Whomever you spend the day with on Father's Day we wish you a very happy Father's Day.


from you to me … bringing you closer

Thanks to the photographer Alexandro David at www.Pexels.com for this lovely image.