Welcome to all Trade Retailers

We are delighted to welcome you to FROM YOU TO ME and specifically to this section for trade customers.

We are a family run business that started in 2007 and as we have grown since, we continue to focus on providing exceptional caring service and high quality gifts.

Our multi-award winning gifts are designed by our team.  All our gifts aim to bring people closer together, one thoughtful gift at a time.
We are leaders in creating meaningful gifts.  We strive to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories through the art of meaningful gifting.
We specialise in curating experiences and products that resonate with the values of kindness, thoughtfulness, and genuine connection.
By offering unique and memorable gifts, we empower customers to express their love and appreciation for the people who matter most to them.

Our commitment to quality and authenticity ensures that every interaction with FROM YOU TO ME fosters deeper connections and enriches relationships.
Ultimately, our expertise lies in our ability to bring people closer together, one thoughtful gift at a time.

Business Relationship

We will work to support you in many ways. We will help you sell our products in-store by providing images if you need them,
as well as marketing and promotional materials. We can also help to train your team.

The financial arrangement will give you a clear 50% margin on all products and free delivery on all orders of £150 or more (exc'l VAT).
Some of our products include VAT in the RRP; these include our journals. Others are VAT free as they are classed as 'books'.

We manage our stock carefully so we can deliver fast to meet your needs using a tracked courier. Normally your orders will be with you within 48 hours, Monday to Friday.

We understand business and the financials and will work with you to build a profitable relationship. We know that people are increasingly spending their well earned money wisely on gifts that are meaningful, thoughtful and touching and we strive to offer gifts that are exactly that.

View the Range

We have gifts for all occasions and for all your family and friends.
You can browse all our products on our website, however, be aware that some of the products are what we call 'made to order' which are created as special personalised gifts for consumers shopping on our website. We can make these available to you as a retailer, however these do take up to 3 working days to produce and margins are different, so please contact us to discuss.

We have separate Trade/Wholesale Brochures for the UK and USA our these will show you all the items we hold in stock in those countires and can ship fast to you. We have a warehouse in the UK in Swindon and in the USA in Plainfield, Indiana.

All our gifts are carefully designed, high quality and use FSC paper.

Talk to Us

Finally, please don't be shy. We would love to talk to you to see how we can help.
We know our gifts well so can guide you in which would best suit your shop and your customers.

Please call us on +44(0) 1225 866225 or email [email protected] and we will get someone to contact you.

It's good to talk and good to get closer.