Never has there been more of a need for us to be kind. To our partners, our children, our neighbours and ourselves as we have found ourselves isolated and distanced from our friends and loved ones for the longest duration in any of our lifetimes. Many people struggle with mental health issues and this challenge has been exacerbated this year with lockdown and social distancing completely changing how we live, communicate and operate on a day to day basis.

We are hoping to raise as much as we can this week for the MENTAL HEALTH FOUNDATION Registered Charity 2350846 by donating 20% of the sales of all our mindfulness products as part of Mental Health Awareness week 18-24 May.




During the week we want to get the nation talking about kindness and mental health.
Do something kind and take a photo or video (with permission of course) and post it online and use the hashtags #FromYouToMe #KindnessMatters #MentalHealthAwarenesWeek.

Please bear in mind the following DOING SOMETHING KIND TIPS:

1. Carrying out good deeds for others can make you feel good, just keep in mind why you are doing it. It is for their benefit not yours.
2. If you are finding it too much, or you have gone beyond your personal resources then take a step back. Start small so you don’t become overwhelmed.









Here are some idea acts of kindness you can undertake, not just this week, or of course come up with some of your own:

• Call a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while and have a chat
• Tell a family member how much you love them and why you appreciate them
• Tell a child why you are proud of them
• Arrange a virtual cuppa with one or a bunch of mates
• Arrange to read the same book as a few friends and share how you found it once you have all finished it
• Send a motivational message to a friend who is self-isolating alone or someone you know is struggling
• Send someone an inspirational quote
• Contact someone you haven’t connected with for some time and arrange a virtual catch up
• Take some books you have a read and no longer need to your neighbours
• Buy an extra packet of biscuits when you go shopping and drop them off at places were people can’t get out
• Call someone and read them a poem over the phone
• Send someone a joke to cheer them up
• Tell your family / friends / work colleagues what you appreciate about them
• Donate to the charity Mental Health Foundation
• Call your colleagues and find out how they are going
• Sort your clothes out and donate what you don’t need anymore