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  1. ​​Creative ways to use your personalised ticket books

    56% of people prefer experiential gifts, rather than physical gifts. With this in mind, it can be difficult to decide on the right experience for your friends or family, and even more difficult to organise a date that works too. Experiences don’t always have to be massive gestures of love, like taking your grandma on a skydiving experience, because she’s...

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  2. The Story Behind Mothering Sunday and Mother's Day

    The team at FROM YOU TO ME have been investigating how Mothering Sunday evolved and we have found some interesting facts and stories … have you heard any others? Mother's Day is on different date depending on where you live ... the next ones you will need to know are: UK & Ireland is Sunday 30th March, 2025 USA, Canada...

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  3. Do you really know your family?

    As we approach the centenary of the armistice that brought an end to World War I, it made us realise how many of the real stories from the war are already lost.  Diaries have been found by some families telling the story of what is was really like to be involved, but if those people were here now, what questions...

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  4. Supporting Shops ... online or high street

    FROM YOU TO ME is a publishing business that sells to both the trade (Gift, book, baby and other specialist shops found on the high street and online) and direct to customers through its own website. Our website helps us to have a platform where we can show off all our journals and books as well as testing new ideas with our...

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  5. Down to Zero

    Well it's been a little while since I updated my online story about the troublesome 'C' word and how it's been affecting my life. Since I last put pen to paper ... or rather put fingers to keyboard ... Prostate Cancer seems to have taken a more high profile position in the UK because of its impact on well-known celebrities like...

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