56% of people prefer experiential gifts, rather than physical gifts. With this in mind, it can be difficult to decide on the right experience for your friends or family, and even more difficult to organise a date that works too. Experiences don’t always have to be massive gestures of love, like taking your grandma on a skydiving experience, because she’s the ultimate thrill seeker. Sometimes, it’s the little experiences that can make everlasting memories. Our personalised ticket books comprise 12 high-quality tickets that you can tailor to your recipient. They are a versatile gift and a great way to spread multiple gifts or experiences throughout the year. Here’s our list of creative ways to use your personalised tickets...

Holding a ticket book that says "A ticket book of gifts for Dad"

Experiences with friends and families

If you have friends or family who love cultural experiences, like a trip to the theatre, museum, or maybe even a lovely meal at your favourite Italian restaurant. Ticket books are a great way to facilitate these moments and create new memories! It’s not a case of one size fits all, in fact, it all depends on your relationship with the recipient. We’ve seen ticket books where each ticket says “Redeem for a trip to the cinema”, which is perfect for any film lover! 

Examples of friends' and families personalised tickets:

  • Bottomless brunch at a restaurant of your choice
  • A girls' day out
  • Beauty treatment of your choice
  • Trip to the cinema

Make them silly

Have fun with them! They’re completely customisable, so you can get creative. Maybe you’re exceptional at plucking your girlfriend’s eyebrows, or you’re the go-to person for a back scratch. A ticket for “One back scratch” isn’t something you can buy in shops, and neither is “Say yes to everything for a day!”

Here are some fun examples of personalised tickets:

  • 30 minutes of back scratches
  • Say yes to every request for a day
  • Eyebrow plucking session
  • Personal butler for one night

Make them raunchy . . .

We won’t say much about this one, just use your imagination. We want to remind you that we do actually see what’s being printed.  

Love themed ticket book "A ticket book of gifts for Harry, with love from Oliver"

Save them for a rainy day

Breakfast in bed or a takeaway of their choice, some people have even been kind enough to offer to do all their chores for the day! If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is. Picture this, offloading the ironing to someone else for a day? Yes PLEASE. It’s perfect for when they’re not feeling so good and need an easy way to communicate their needs.

Examples of personalised tickets:

  • Takeaway night of your choice
  • Dog walked for you
  • Movie night of your choice
  • Breakfast in bed

Elegant Ticket Book cover with tickets surrounding it.

Redeem for any game of your choice

If the new game they want isn't released by their birthday, you can still make them feel special long after the day has passed. Offer them the chance to redeem a ticket for any game when it becomes available! This is a great way to reward kids, or treat a big kid! 

Examples of gaming-related personalised tickets: 
  • 1000 Fortnite V Bucks
  • Any DLC of your choice
  • 2,670 Rainbow Six Siege Credits
  • Any Nintendo Switch Accessory 

Christmas themed ticket book that says "A ticket book of gifts for the Jackson family"

Feel free to mix and match the 12 tickets across different categories to give your recipient the best gifting experience. It's a gift that keeps on giving — at least until the tickets run out! Our ticket books come in a range of designs, suitable for all occasions and people. So if you need a more elegant or romantic style to celebrate your anniversary or Valentine’s Day, or maybe a Christmas themed gift to fill stockings, check out our Personalised Ticket Books collection to find the right one for you. Remember, we should celebrate the people we love not just on their special occasions, but throughout the year.