Ruth is a 38 year old primary school teacher and mother of two young girls from Oxfordshire. This year Ruth got in touch with us to share her experience of how a from you to me journal touched her family’s life.

“I gave Mum and Dad a from you to me journal for Christmas 2012. A year later they gave it back to me filled with amazing family stories.

"I created my own Personalised Journal online to give to my parents as a Christmas gift. I was able to chose my own pertinent questions about their life, and add our own family photos on the cover.

"I feel that life often gets in the way of being able to talk about the past. We are a close, but not cuddly, family and talking about feelings is not the norm, so this journal has become a real treasure.

"The journal gave us the chance to discover answers to questions you would just never think to ask. This was a very moving time for our family, as details of my parents’ lives – both painful and delightful – were out in the open for the first time.

"This was a particularly emotional journey for my Dad, who revealed his difficult childhood story to us for the very first time. Also, Mum wrote about how she felt when she was pregnant, how she worried about my sister (who they thought would have Spina Bifida - she doesn't), what our baby bump names were, and what her hopes are for my children. We also love the pages where she has written about her favourite songs, and why. She even chose ones she wants us to listen to when she is gone! Those songs will always mean something to me and my children.

"The real gem, however, has to be: ‘We don't tell our children often enough how proud we are of them. Ruth, we are very proud of you.’

I feel like I'm holding in my hand the key to knowing my Mum and Dad better. It is such an amazing gift... something that has allowed me to feel closer to my past and my family.”

[caption id="attachment_363" align="aligncenter" width="150"]Ruth Ruth with her proud parents[/caption]

Do you have a story to share about how a from you to me journal made a big impact on your life/family?