Dear Son,                                                                              10thJuly 2012

Thank you so much for the Dear Dad, from you to me journal that you gave to me for my birthday. I was touched that you were interested in finding out about my life story, particularly as we don’t get the chance to spend much time talking to each other these days. Your life is so busy with work, the kids and all the new fangled gadgets that seem to have to be instantly answered; I really don’t understand it all.  I have only just got to grips with emailing! I am keen to be starting my trip down memory lane, your mother has just got all the photo albums down from the shelf and we are going to have a cup of tea and go through them.

Love Dad

Dear Dad,                                                                                12thJuly 2012

Blimey I really wasn’t sure if you’d get round to filling it in. I figured if I didn’t give it to you then there was no way you would write down your memories and feelings let alone tell me about all the things you got up to when you were young. You gave me a bit of a hard time when I was a teenager and I do wonder what you were like? Mary’s calling me so I’d better go. Say Hi to Mum.

Your son

Dear Son                                                                               18thAugust 2012

We have had the best day.  Your mother and I were talking about how we first met, she really was very beautiful, but she was such a terrible dancer.  She stood on my toes so many times I had to make an excuse to buy her a drink and that’s how we got talking and found out we had so much in common. She was on a date with one of my mates so it was a bit difficult to start off with and we had to meet in secret – I’ve got a great photo of us, on our first proper date, in front of the theatre and we’ve still got the ticket  – I’ll put it in them in journal. Mum says when are you free to come over it’s been months – we’d love to see you and the kids?

Love Dad

Dear Dad                                                                                24thAugust 2012

We’re a bit busy at the moment. The kids have got loads going on and I’ve got a big job on at work, I’ll look at my diary and get back to you.  So glad you are having fun completing the journal, I’m really looking forward to getting it back. Must dash.

Your son

Dear Son                                                                               1stOctober 2012

I’ve nearly finished my Dear Dad, from you to me journal. Son it’s been the best present you have ever given me. It’s brought back so many happy memories and I’ve had some great discussion with Ted about our Ma and Pa. Being the youngest I had no idea that Ma was married before she met Pa and that her first husband had died in the war. The things you find out when you start talking. I’ve had great fun filling in the page “is there any advice you would like to offer me” : ) – perhaps that page should have been bigger! Have you managed to free up a date yet – your mother says the kids will be married themselves at this rate.

Love Dad

Dear Dad                                                                                2ndOctober 2012

Ha Ha very funny : ). Are you free the weekend of the 27th October. It’s half term and we could stay for the weekend. I can’t believe that Gran was married before – she never mentioned it.  I wish I had talked to her more now. The kids have been asking questions about her and I just don’t know the answers, at least they will be able to read your journal. Will it be finished for when we come and stay?

Your son

Dear Son                                                                                             14thOctober 2012

So sorry I had to break the news of your Dad’s heart attack to you whilst you were at work.  You need to get to the hospital asap here’s the address . . .

Love Mum

Dear Dad                                                                                27thOctober 2012

I’ve just read your journal, it’s the best present you have ever given me. I have learnt so much about you that I just didn’t know. I am so touched by the wonderful things you have written about me, I never knew you were so proud of me. My heart aches to have lost you. I am so glad you managed to finish the journal. I will treasure it forever and it will be a legacy for future generations. I miss you Dad.

Your loving son