Editor at Spabreaks.com, the UK's largest spa booking agency, Bonnie Friend tells us how the experience of a spa break can be wonderfully bonding for loved ones.

The fact that a spa break is an enjoyable, indulgent way to spend your time is not news to many people, but the quality time, and, dare we say it, bonding time it provides for friends and family, is sometimes forgotten thanks to its status as a seamless by-product of the experience.
Touch and time are key factors in our quality of life, having a big impact on mind, body, and soul, and it is on these basic principles that spas really earn their merit.  Whether it’s learning more about your baby’s body and emotions with baby massage, or giving time to yourself by turning off that mobile phone and stepping away from the computer for a while, spas offers facilities, treatments and environments where you can get in touch with other people, and, (without sounding naff) with yourself.
Providing peaceful and healing spaces in which to reflect and recover from the daily stresses of day to day life, whichever relationship you are looking to nurture and for whatever reason, these are the places to luxuriate in cherished memories, and create new ones.
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