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Halloween is creeping round the corner, but at from you to me there are no nasty tricks, just a lovely treat for you and your children. Read on to find out more...

Just as we say a proper goodbye to summer and get used to the slightly shorter autumn days, it's a shock to discover that half term has appeared on the calendar already. The weather this year certainly feels milder than usual, so what better excuse do we need to treat our children to a host of fun and inspiring activities to get outside and let them go wild?!

Until 31st October 2015, we are offering 20% discount plus free UK delivery on the new activity journal Rant & Rave, My Wild Life - normally £9.99 but yours for only £7.99, and free delivery too (usually £1.99). Developed in partnership with experts at the Wildlife Trusts, this book will encourage your child to discover their wild life - whatever that may be. 80 pages of activities from writing, drawing, investigating and researching, plus getting a little bit messy (yes, it's even fun in the rain!).

The journal comes with a fun twist - two covers so they can 'rave' on one side, and then flip over to 'rant' on the other. Research shows that getting children outdoors helps them to sleep, learn, behave and develop better, so order your journal now at www.fromyoutome.com and use the code MYWILDLIFE on or before 31/10/15 to get 20% off plus free UK delivery. Subject to availability, of course.

Rant & RaveIf you or your children want to share what matters to you, you can upload your stories and photos of you with your journal at your own special wild life location to mywildlife.org.uk or you can post them on our the from you to me Facebook page.

Happy half term exploring!