I gave my Grampa, Frank Gold, the first copy of Dear Grandad from you to me when it came off the production line in 2008. As a journalist at, and subsequently the chief editor of the Swansea Evening post I knew he had a love of stories.

Grampa was born and still lived in Swansea so although I didn’t get to see him very often whenever I did we would spend many hours discussing the questions in the journal.  The quieter of my grandparents this quality time with him resulted in my being able to record his wonderful stories and memories to be treasured and passed down to my own daughter.

Things I learnt included:

1.  Grampa was head hunted to run a well-known Fleet Street News Paper, however my Grandmother refused to move to London and so he had to turn down the job.
2. Grampa joined the RAF to train to be a pilot, but he was so bad they suggested he train as a navigator.
3. My great grandfather, Job Gold, was an officer in the Army where he served and survived the Boer War and World War I.

The discovery about Job fueled my interest in my heritage and I started to research my family tree. Discussing what was known about the family resulted in my Aunt giving me Job’s WWI diaries. They give an amazing insight into Job’s world and allowed me add life to my family tree.  Genes Reunited provides a valuable tool to help you discover documented facts and figures and the from you to me journals allow you to record and treasure social history, feelings and the stories that more often than not are lost forever.

Things I have:

1. Job’s trench diary
2. Photos of Frank & Job
3. Photo’s of Job’s wife and Mother-in-Law (my GG Grandmother) in full Victorian dress having tea on a beach

I am glad that I am not included in the 71% of people who wish they had asked questions to their Grandparents.  Grampa is no longer with us, but I still have his memories and stories. A whole range of family journals are available to be purchased or personalised on our website www.fromyoutome.com