Dear 2022

It’s great that you’ve arrived. We certainly hope you are better than your predecessors 2021 and 2020 which, were to be honest, pants. Here are our hopes and wishes, from you to me!

We hope to not have to learn another Greek alphabet letter, to never hear the words transmissible, furlough or lockdown ever again and for the only vaccine we need to be for a tropical disease for when we travel overseas.

We wish that the only mask we must wear is to a fancy dress party. Yes a party, a place where people can freely be sociable, laugh, dance and sing. Where hands, face, space is a new dance routine and when the only reason we know what 2m looks like is because it is the length of 6 wine bottles!

Humans are inherently social creatures, lack of interaction with our fellow beings makes us sad, withdrawn, grumpy and often ill. We need to be able to fill our senses with our fellow beings - we need to be able to safely hug our family and friends - perhaps even a stranger.

In short we want our world back. A world where our children can see and interact with the faces of the people that influence them. For them not to shut themselves away hour-after-hour at home interacting only via a non-interactive computer screen! For them to feel safe at home and school, where they can fulfil their potential, to experience school events and trips, to meet face to face and fulfil their potential being the best people they can be. A world where people don’t feel anxious about going to the shops, meeting people, enjoying the cinema, the theatre, a meal out . . .

At a time when plastic is poisoning our planet, 2022, we need you to remove the need for billions of more tiny white plastic testing kits that have added to an already overwhelming problem.

So, 2022, we need you to show up - show us that we have something to really live, not exist, for. Allow people to live their lives, have a purpose, go to school/work/college etc, be part of team, be part of society, play sport, travel . . .

So, 2022, we’re counting on you don’t let us down.


The Human Race