Born in the  . . . is a recently launched range of gift books that celebrate the decade of birth and the decade you grew up in.

The range has been shortlisted for three categories at this years 2023 Gift Of The Year Awards.

Helen Stephens, creative director said “These books took the authors Lucy and Steve nearly two years to research and create and it took us another year to design the final look and feel. Each book is literally packed with nostalgic content which will bring a smile to the face of the receiver of these great gifts.”

There are 6 books in the range spanning the1940s through to the nineties. The beautifully illustrated and colourful pages help remind us of the times we were younger. The memories include the foods eaten, the hairstyles experimented with, and the clothes worn, possibly with regret! Each book evokes wonderful feelings from time spent in the school playground, TV shows loved, games played, music listened to, movies watched, cars travelled in, and the cutting-edge technology of the day. All are accompanied by images and illustrations from two decades recounting not only memories from the decade of birth, but also memories from the decade of the formative teenage years.

“The Gift Of The Year is a prestigious award to win so it’s obviously a great start to 2023 be shortlisted.” Said Neil Coxon, Managing Director. “There were nearly a thousand entries this year so we are delighted to have been shortlist in three categories.”

With a soft touch cover, dedicated space for a handwritten personal message and 30 pages of great visuals and fun content, each book has a style that suits the decade it covers and they make wonderful and thoughtful gifts.

Available for only £10 here