Our guest blogger Morgana, the face behind the very popular family life and style blog, ButWhyMummyWhy.com, explains why her wonderful Mother's Day celebrations can be tinged with sadness...

Mother’s Day can be a bitter sweet time for me.

After losing my mum when my eldest daughter was just a few months old I’ve found it can be a difficult day to process. I want to celebrate being a mummy to my two gorgeous girls but, at the same time I wish I could be spending time with my own mum.

Mum’s birthday usually falls within a few weeks of Mother’s Day so we tend to try and do something to remember my mum. Last year we visited an art gallery in Manchester and went out for lunch. My mum was a wonderful artist and always inspired me, so this was a great way to celebrate her. Then I feel ready to focus on myself and my girls for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day in our house usually involves breakfast in bed (fingers crossed for hot buttery croissants) brought up by my eldest daughter, often followed by the littlest one who will then hop into my bed and try to pinch my food, just to ‘try it’. After the usual scramble of getting showered and dressed we’ll head out for the day.

Last year we went to a gorgeous vintage fair and had lunch in a cute café, which was lovely. Time with my family and doing something that I really love. My eldest loved holding my hand tightly and wandering around the fair, asking about different stalls and things that she was curious about. It brought back memories of doing the same with my mum at our local market. I even came away with a few little vintage pieces and now whenever I look at them I’m reminded of that wonderful time.
For this Mother’s Day we haven’t decided where to go yet. However, I do know that whatever we end up doing I will be sure to take the time to really cherish my gorgeous girls and be thankful that I get to be their mummy.
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