Next week is Women’s Wellness Week. Our friends at are launching their #bekindtoyou campaign. Kerri at From You to Me has contributed to the ‘What to do to #bekindtoyou Guide’ with tips for bringing you closer to your family …   

get talking
A simple question like ‘What were your best subjects at school or work?’ can lead to fascinating, touching and often hilarious stories. Our recent research showed that the vast majority of us spend little or no time talking to older relatives, or even our parents about their lives. It’s amazing what you can discover about your loved ones’ formative years, if you just ask! And for your loved one, to know that someone is interested in these details is the ultimate form of flattery.

A cuddle is worth a thousand words and really helps with open and honest communication. The boosting touch of a hug builds trust and a wonderful sense of safety. At special times, sad times, happy times, and difficult times, a warm hug can ease the tension and help you to reconnect. Forget the three second rule. Hug for as long as possible and let your love flow both ways.

mummy and evie time
Family togetherness is very important but make time for some one-to-one bonding. My daughter and I do Mummy and Evie time whenever we can sneak away. We set aside time off from the rest of the family to reconnect. Our favourite things to do together are anything from trips to our favourite sushi restaurant, a fun swim at the local pool, or a craft making session away from little brother’s grubby hands. Cuddles are compulsory!

Be kind to yourself and your whole family benefits. The golden rules are: 1) Try to regularly do something you are good at (perhaps a sport or hobby); 2) Ask for help when you need it; 3) Talk about how you feel. Your calm and confidence will shine through and help to nurture a happy home life.

write all about it
Writing a journal is the cheapest therapy available. The handwritten word can be wonderfully cathartic and therapeutic. A personal journal is a great opportunity to reflect and ponder, and a family memory journal is a great way of connecting with close or even distant loved ones.
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