Well that was a busy month we have been having what with Mother's Day sales as well as the launch of a number of our new products!

Sadly our new 'sketch' design Journals of a Lifetime arrived later than we had planned so we had a hectic couple of days shipping out stock to Gift Shops across the UK and the rest of the world cumulating in over 10,000 books being shipped out on one day last week.

A big thank you to everyone in our wonderful warehouse who managed to achieve this!

But the great news is that we hit the high position of No34 best-selling book in the UK this week with Dear Mum, from you to me.

Managing stock across so many product lines and versions will always be a challenge for any business so we are learning fast with our ever increasing number of titles, so we will do our best to maintain stock levels so that you can always get what you need.

Do have a look at our new designs though - we are really pleased with them and they are now available for sale on our website or at a Gift Shop near you ...

If you have signed up for our newsletters you will also know that we have been doing a promotion and competition with Genes reunited and we have just offered a free Platinum trial with their amazing site to all our friends, so if you want to give this a go, do get in touch.

Until soon - have a Happy Mothering Sunday this weekend.