Kerri Littlefield - Marketing & Media Relations Manager
I work with our team to create and raise the profile of the from you to me brand and to get people interested in our products.
I started my career in the publishing world of London moving from the picture desk at the Independent and Redactive Media to Time Out and the Design Council. I have directed photoshoots with world-renowned musicians, actors and comedians.
I am a trained Samaritan counsellor, so I like to think that I’m a good listener. Since joining from you to me I’ve discovered a renewed enthusiasm for the value of the written word. I’ve started to complete my own Dear Mum journal as a gift to my children (who are currently 3 and 8).
I am passionate about good design and clever communication. I love the smell of a ‘hot-of-the-press’ book, and can be heard having meaningful conversations about paper!

Here are my answers to one of the questions from our Journals:

In my top 10 views ...

- The view up Oxford Street when Christmas shopping with an ocean of people and a long train of red buses.

- The view from my kitchen to my dining room now the wall has been knocked down.