Julie Storer – Office Manager

I have been a very happy member of the from you to me team for over a year in my wide-ranging an fulfilling role attempting to keep both customers and colleagues as happy as possible ...

Prior to working here, I held administrative positions within service industries such as senior-level recruitment consultancies and surveying.  After having 3 children in quick succession I spent a few years running my own secretarial agency which was good fun … and more importantly how I met Neil and the team!

I have a very busy life and, as if having 3 children and a job wasn’t enough, I decided a couple of years ago to undertake a psychology degree with the Open University!  I am a keen badminton player and having reached a certain age last year I was delighted to be able to play for my county (in the veterans league)!   When I have spare time (ha-ha) I love to read and have been a keen member of a book club for 18 months, aptly named ‘Women, Words and Wine’!

I am waiting for the return of several from you to me journals that I have given as gifts … but this is how I would choose to answer the following question in the journals:

If you were granted three wishes, what would they be and why?

- to be able to speak and understand all languages - I don't have an ear for languages and I'd always know if people were complaining about me on holiday.
- to be able to go into any restaurant and order anything off the menu as I'm currently rather fussy.
- to be a man for the day - to check out the differences!