Before I became a mother the summer holidays just passed me by. I never noticed the escaping traffic crawling slowly, bumper to bumper. I was blissfully unaware of the hoards of children roaming free being entertained and holidayed. For me, summer was just another season.

Now I am a parent I’m quite amazed that the country (let alone the world) is able to function during these six never-ending weeks. Childcare is expensive, taking unpaid holiday is costly, and help from grandparents/relatives is like gold dust (those with the grey pound are busy holidaying themselves).
During one half term break my brave husband took our two children to work for the day. The students didn’t seem to mind ‘daddy’ delivering a two-hour lecture with a tired five year old draped over his shoulder. What a great Dad he is.
Getting away on holiday was just what we needed. No juggling. No distractions. No phone or laptop to draw us away from the sandcastle or rockpool. The simplicity of our days with nothing to challenge us but what to eat and where. Beer or wine? It’s very grounding for the whole family. And the best part is that the children get to learn that Mum & Dad are no more than just big kids too.