Dear Friends

The health of our families, friends and colleagues is of the utmost importance to us.

We are continuing to monitor the current situation with the COVID 19 situation and are working hard to ensure our employees and partners are kept safe, healthy and secure.

Times are hard and we may not be able to visit our loved ones and friends … but you can still get closer to them by either sending them a Journal of a Lifetime or simply picking up the phone and asking them a question. We can post gifts directly to your mums, grand-mums and all other family members and friends, to keep them busy recounting and documenting their personal stories and memories.

We also have journals to get the kids writing during this enforced time at home, exploring their life and maybe even their worries alongside their parents or grand-parents. The time is right to do this! 

At the moment we are still able to produce and deliver all our Journals and Books.  If our warehouses or production have to close (they are currently on skeleton staff) and we suddenly become unable to send you your orders, we will give you a choice. We can refund you straight away if you wish, or we can hold the orders and ship as priority as soon as we are able.

We send out orders via Royal Mail and we are told that in the UK these are taking a day longer than normal to get through on some occasions, so please do order in good time. The books we make and print for you are taking slightly longer to produce, so again, please order as early as you can and we are doing our best to get these made as fast as we can. Normally it is 5 working days, but currently because of the social distancing and reduction in printing staff, these can take up to 2 weeks. We are really sorry but will do our best to speed these through.

For any journal or book being shipped from the UK which includes all Print on Demand books, Royal Mail have just announced a suspension of deliveries to certain countries around the world.  If you want us to deliver to these countries, we will have to either cancel your order or hold this until we are able to send it.

The full Royal Mail communication is here:

We have had to take the decision to suspend services to 31 countries (listed below). The suspensions cover all the services Royal Mail offers to these individual countries.

These suspensions will remain in place until further notice or until we are able to move mail into the affected countries for onward delivery.

Albania Cuba Moldova Sri Lanka
Armenia Djibouti Montenegro Taiwan
Bermuda Ecuador New Zealand Tanzania (DAR)
Bosnia French Polynesia Peru Tunisia
Caribbean Islands (BVI) Kuwait Philippines Turks & Caicos
Caribbean Islands – Dominican Republic Lebanon Samoa Venezuela
Caribbean Islands –Haiti Macedonia South Africa Zimbabwe
Cayman Islands Mauritania South Korea


Please take care and look after yourself, your family, your friends and your neighbours.  We’ll all get through this together.

The FROM YOU TO ME team.