As the excitement of Christmas bubbles under the surface, we chatted with Evie 12, Megan 11, and Charlie and Jimmy 6, about what makes the festive season such fun.

Family_Christmas_Celebration_FAN2019903• What’s the best thing about Christmas?

"The feeling of waking in the morning – that Christmas spirit. Seeing my family so happy when they open their presents – you feel like you’ve done a good job and got them something lovely."

"Preparing the mince pies for Santa on Christmas Eve. Oh and the milk and carrots for Rudolph and the other reindeer."

"I love walking past carol singers and it makes me feel all Christmased up!"

"Decorating the tree with my whole family. This year we are having chocolates and REAL candy canes on the tree so I can’t wait for that."

• Any Christmas disappointments?

"Sometimes I get a tooth brush in my stocking and I feel like throwing it away."

"Having to pretend to be happy when you are disappointed with a present. I got Mousetrap, but I already had one, so it felt like a waste."

"Being reminded by my parents that some children don’t have much fun at Christmas because their family life isn’t that happy. That can make me feel a bit sad and guilty."

"The year I opened my Christmas presents all on my own before anyone woke up. Everyone was a bit cross, and I spoilt it for myself and my sister. It’s best to wait till everyone’s there, or it’s not polite."

• Have you ever seen Father Christmas?

"Oh yes, I heard a big THUD. I heard him coming down the chimney, and the big DUMM DUMM when he dropped all my presents under the tree. I heard him stamping around the house. I saw his beard through the gap of my door. He was wearing a big woolly jumper."

"I’ve seen my Mum & Dad do it so I don’t believe in him any more."

"We do a Father Christmas tracker so we know where he is in the world. At 8pm he’s normally in New Zealand."