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  1. 'from you to me' link with Gift Focus Magazine

    'from you to me' link with Gift Focus Magazine
    Hello from a wet summer in the south-west of England.We are currently working closely with a Gift Trade publication called Gift Focus Magazine where we have regular features on our current and upcoming products and campaigns.One thing I am doing is to write an Answer to the Questions that are posed to the magazine in the area of Human Resource topics. You...

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  2. New products launched this week ...

    New products launched this week ...
    Well that was a busy month we have been having what with Mother's Day sales as well as the launch of a number of our new products!Sadly our new 'sketch' design Journals of a Lifetime arrived later than we had planned so we had a hectic couple of days shipping out stock to Gift Shops across the UK and the...

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  3. A New Year

    A New Year
    Hello ...Well that was a hectic Christmas period for us and we sincerely hope we managed to deliver what you needed at the right time.We have now completed our first trade show of the year - The International Spring Fair at the NEC.  This is Europe's largest Gift Fair and the carpet layers told me that if you walk every...

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  4. Get to know our team ... our own Stories ... Helen

    Get to know our team ... our own Stories ... Helen
    Helen Stephens - DirectorAs a Director of from you to me, I work with a great bunch of people to design, write, publish and sell our wonderful journals.I started my working life at 14 working at the local gift stationers in my home town in Louth, Lincolnshire. I am a State Register Chiropodist although I don’t practice these days.  I...

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  5. Get to know our team ... our own Stories ... Julie

    Get to know our team ... our own Stories ... Julie
    Julie Storer – Office Manager I have been a very happy member of the from you to me team for over a year in my wide-ranging an fulfilling role attempting to keep both customers and colleagues as happy as possible ...Prior to working here, I held administrative positions within service industries such as senior-level recruitment consultancies and surveying.  After having 3 children...

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  6. Get to know our team ... our own Stories ... Kerri

    Get to know our team ... our own Stories ... Kerri
    Kerri Littlefield - Marketing & Media Relations ManagerI work with our team to create and raise the profile of the from you to me brand and to get people interested in our products.I started my career in the publishing world of London moving from the picture desk at the Independent and Redactive Media to Time Out and the Design Council...

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  7. New Journal Designs - Can you help?

    New Journal Designs - Can you help?
    We are busy excitedly working on new designs of our Journals of a Lifetime ...Can you help us?We have sold over 500,000 copies of the current range and we know that people love them - but we so keen to improve them still further.Our challenge is that we need to help a lot of people understand what they are...

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  8. Ethical businesses?

    Hello ...For our second blog I have been stimulated by the happenings this week about the way some of the UK press operate, to write about how we have always set out to run our business.To observe the lengths that a particular newspaper have gone to in order to get a good story to sell more papers has created a...

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  9. Conversation

    Welcome to the new from you to me conversation page - or Blog if you prefer. This new area is for us to share some of our thoughts and ideas ... We would like you to get to know us better ... In return, we would like to get to know you better ... We would like to share some of...

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