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  1. Waving goodbye

    Waving goodbye
    It’s a sure sign that my daughter is growing up when I’m waving her goodbye as her coach departs for her school residential. She’s smiling, laughing and waving excitedly and, waving back with a cheery smile, I’m actually very near to tears.I couldn’t be more excited for her. Her week will be packed with independence, fun and adventure. Mine will...

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  2. 'Being Human' - the ability to love

    'Being Human' - the ability to love
    A nice relaxing drive to a business meeting. Latte to hand, cruising in the slow lane, radio on. Before long I’m blinking giant tears and letting out involuntary sobs. I’m moved by an interview with the journalist Robert Peston, where the BBC’s business editor explains that, for him, ‘being human’ is defined by the ability to love.Peston lost his wife...

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  3. Small Business of the Year!

    Small Business of the Year!
    Well what a delightful evening last night at Bath's Business Awards where our team was crowned as 'Small Business of the Year.The evening, sponsored by The Bath Chronicle, was held at Bath race course and was expertly hosted by one of my childhood heroes from Blue Peter presenter Valerie Singleton.  The evening saw much merriment and a fabulous dinner served...

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  4. Triggering fond memories

    Triggering fond memories
    The experience of ‘interviewing’ a loved one with the help of a from you to me journal can be both enlightening and enjoyable. Our guest blogger, Andrew Eberlin of Eberlin Design tells us how.Like Neil, my father died far too young. I regret at not asking the right questions, or not spending more time with him. I imagine this is a common...

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  5. 6 Words You Should Say Today

    I was inspired by this blog this morning by Rachel Macy Stafford and wanted to share it with you.  As a business, we are all about close relationships with family and friends and this article about your relationship with your children really hit home for me.Enjoy!Neil"Very rarely does one sentence have immediate impact on me.Very rarely does one sentence change...

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  6. What to do to #bekindtoyou

    What to do to #bekindtoyou
    Next week is Women’s Wellness Week. Our friends at are launching their #bekindtoyou campaign. Kerri at From You to Me has contributed to the ‘What to do to #bekindtoyou Guide’ with tips for bringing you closer to your family …   get talkingA simple question like ‘What were your best subjects at school or work?’ can lead to fascinating, touching...

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  7. Vote for us to win Deborah Meaden's business award

    Vote for us to win Deborah Meaden's business award
    If you love our products and our business please show your support by voting for us. It's simple. Just scroll down the bottom, watch our great video (if you like ;-)) and vote for us. Vote now!It's down to the public to vote for Deborah Meaden's national business award winner. From You to Me have been selected to represent the...

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  8. Back to school: fading summer tans & bright keen eyes

    Back to school: fading summer tans & bright keen eyes
    Crisp white cotton, perfectly pressed pleats, stiff shiny shoes. Fading summer tans and bright keen eyes. The start of a new school year.These milestones make us well aware of just how much our little ones have grown. All that outdoor fun and sunshine has fed their growth spurt, and the new school starters look so tiny in comparison. And in...

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  9. Small Business of the Year finalist at #BathBizAwards

    Small Business of the Year finalist at #BathBizAwards
    We realise that we keep telling everyone how great we are, but we just can't help it. We keep winning (or nearly winning) awards! Yes, here's another one. From You to Me have been shortlisted for the Small Business of the Year category and as a business from the 'surrounding areas' of Bath we are thrilled to be flying the flag for...

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  10. Embracing the Summer Hols

    Embracing the Summer Hols
    Before I became a mother the summer holidays just passed me by. I never noticed the escaping traffic crawling slowly, bumper to bumper. I was blissfully unaware of the hoards of children roaming free being entertained and holidayed. For me, summer was just another season. Now I am a parent I’m quite amazed that the country (let alone the world...

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