What a year.  Hopefully one that will never be repeated.

It has changed the way we live and the way we interact with each other.

Outside of my own home, I personally miss engaging with my family and friends.  I miss the big things like being able to meet, to talk face to face, to hug or seeing their real smile. I know you can tell if someone is smiling from their eyes alone - but it is just not the same - I even miss those smiles from strangers as you pass them in the street or in the supermarket.

One thing has been clear for us at FROM YOU TO ME is that others agree on missing their close relations.



When people buy our Journals, you can also leave a gift message to be sent to the receiver.  In 2020, these missives have all been so similar.

"Hello Mum, I miss you. I have been thinking about you ... please can you help me understand more about you."

This virus has made us feel more vulnerable.  It has made many of us worry about not seeing our parents or grand-parents again. In practical terms, highly improbable, yes, but also possible.

"Dear Grandad, I so want to hear your stories again. To know what really happened ..."

How do we connect with people normally? When we could see our family and friends - how did we engage with them?  Did we sit and ask them questions or did we just pass the time of day?

The enforced absence seems to have definitely made us think more about our family, our upbringing, our values, about what is important for us in life.  And who is more important than our family and friends? Lockdown has given us the time to think, to look at photos, to want to know more about the people we have been unable to see. We have had the time to do something about this, to act. It also has encouraged people to present their parents or grand-parents with things to do and occupy them during these empty times.

"Hi Dad ... I so want to see you soon, in the mean time, please take the time to tell me about my real Dad!"

As a family run business, we are proud of our brand message about bringing people closer.  Closer through gifts for the people who matter.

Our Journals of a Lifetime have certainly hit the spot this year, and now with over a million copies sold, families have found the time to share their own stories and memories with others.  Real-life stories captured in their own hand-writing becomes a priceless gift that will be treasured forever.  Tales that may not be the next Hollywood blockbuster, but to the family, they are irreplaceable.  As one Great Uncle called us to say, "I live on my own and I feel the pandemic has had a profound effect on my life. I want to share some of the things that have happened in my life as my nieces and nephews just won't believe it! I don't want these things to be forgotten."

"Nan - I have seen the photos so please spend some of your lockdown time telling me what was on your mind!"

We are delighted to have given this opportunity to people to engage with their family and to find out things that may have gone unrecorded.  The time may have been right, but these are now special Journals that will bring people closer forever.

When this pandemic is all over, we will all behave differently. This is an experience we will not want to repeat, but it is one that will have changed the way we think, feel and act.


If our Journals have helped to bring you closer to the people who matter in your life, we are really proud.

Thank you.



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