Remember The Magic Of Christmas

A keepsake holder with notepaper, for Christmas letters & memorabilia

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a treasure memento and we will look back on it in years to come

This is definitely a treasure memento and we will look back on it with their letters and cards in years to come. I think this is well priced. Feels sturdy and quite luxurious, well made. I think it would be a great gift ahead of Christmas so it can be used in the run up to Christmas too. I bought this as a great keepsake for future years. I would recommend as I think it’s a lovely keepsake for families with children. Really pleased with the letter holder and keepsake. We really enjoyed the product, it’s a well thought out keepsake and letter holder which is well made and a beautiful design.



The concept is lovely

Beautifully packaged and presented. The concept is lovely to have a single place to pop Christmas cards, letters and memorabilia each year. Beautiful sturdy folder and lovely writing paper, and love the overall idea, but feel it could be much better executed. The folder is quite small in size so won’t fit some sizes of Christmas cards, etc. and feel it needs more sections than just 9. We liked digging out all of our old cards and letters from Santa to organise into it and read through in the process. This is a lovely keepsake and will be used until it’s full next year, due to only have the 9 sections to put everything in. Zoe loved looking back over old cards she’d received and reading the letters she’s had from Santa over the years. For me it was an opportunity to dig out everything we’ve stored in the past but not properly organised – now all the Christmas bits of memories and power work has a place. I think in the long run it’s something parents can enjoy reminiscing over once their children have grown up and no longer believe in Santa. Though the quality is brilliant, for me it’s way overpriced for what it is and how small it is. Perhaps a price point closer to £10, or making the folder much bigger / giving it more sections and note paper to warrant the current price tag. Can’t fault the quality at all, can see it’s a premium product. This would be nice to give a new family for one of their first Christmases with children. Idea is great and how it looks is lovely. Lovely high quality folder with beautiful note paper, but more paper needed along with the folder being large enough to actually hold everything.



Definitely something you can keep. I love the special paper

Lovely and Christmassy! The folder was wrapped well. It is nicely made and looks very Christmassy. It is definitely something you can keep. I love the special paper. I always end up buying write to Santa letter kits each year so it’s great that this comes with several sheets of paper. I like that we could put any reply’s from Santa plus cards, decorations and photos in. There’s plenty of room for a couple of sheets in each. All my keep sakes end up in one place so it’s nice to be able to put the Christmas bits in together and be able to look back over the years. Especially when the children are older and can then look back themselves. We have written a letter to Santa with the nice paper and have popped in some Christmas crafts. Next year it will be lovely to look back at everything as Christmas approaches. This is ideal to add to each year. There is plenty of space. I have already printed past photos with Santa and put them in there and added some of the previous year’s cards and crafts. As we looked at previous years photos and crafts they were excited to have a place to store everything and to be able to write to Santa. We also told the little ones Santa can read the letters if they are inside that folder. So the kids love the idea we have a magic item at home. I enjoyed looking at everything. I look forward to being able to look back at letters to and from Santa. We have photocopied what they have written before posting. I agree this is a treasured memento! Looking back at your child’s growing thoughts and wants for Christmas is fun and lovely. I think the materials are great quality. The printing is beautiful and the folder is strongly put together. This is a nice Christmas gift but would be ideal to gift before Christmas so that a child could write to Santa. It’s something you may not think about purchasing without being told or seeing it somewhere, but is actually a great idea. I will buy another one for each of my children. Having their own space to store letters is like having their own photo album and will be brilliant to look back on one day. I would recommend to family and friends as it is something that will be nice to look back on in some years. Over all this product is great I would just like to see a few more letter sheets or maybe some stickers for £15 or for it to be a little cheaper. Overall this will make a lovely keepsake which we plan to pack away with the elves so each year we can get it out with the decorations and look at our letters and cards and photos. I also think this product has a lot of room to grow and add to. I love the simplicity but I also think there’s room for more.

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