Dear Mum Gift Journal (Sketch Collection)

An inspiring guided memory journal which can be personalised

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My mother liked it very much and she's filling it out little by little. She says that every time she reads a new question she remembers a lot of things from his past that she thought she'd forgotten.
It is a book of good quality, its general appearance is cute and the cover is filled with lovely little drawings.
There are many questions in there and charge many aspects of the life of the person you are destined for.
I recommend it!

Delightful book! The general quality is good, heavy white paper inside and hardcover; the cover's design with all those little doodles is so adorable!
My mother really liked it and thanked me many times for buying for her! She said that each time she open a page with a new question, many memories she thought long forgotten as to mind~
I recommend!

Aisling S


Looking forward to what she writes.

Great idea. Mum liked it but yet to begin writing. Looking forward to what she writes.



Perfect milestone birthday gift

Lovely idea. Perfect milestone birthday gift

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