Cooking Up Memories

A guided culinary memory journal with space for favourite recipes

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bought 2 of these as gifts

Everyone has memories of their favourite food and who they cooked with from the days far back as they can remember. I bought 2 of these as gifts. Lots of space for written and photographic memories



a delightful little book

Cooking up Memories is a delightful little book which I have given as a gift in the past and hope to use again in the future.



What a fantastic idea

When I saw this idea I wondered why no one had done this before . . . what a fantastic idea. To learn about my mother's interest in food was one thing and also to add to this with some of my, and her, favourite recipes - captured forever.

One question asks who, from today or in history, she would invite to her dinner party. Well! What an answer! Highly recommended as a gift!

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