Our Story for my daughter

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Looking forward

Looking forward to filling this in over the years to come.

Karen C


Our Story, for my Daughter

Gave this book to a young lady at work who was leaving to have a baby girl she loved it and so did I, touching sentiment would buy this , lovely book .



A wonderful idea and a great find

I stumbled across this book by accident when I was looking for a gift for my niece for her 16th birthday and had to treat myself and my daughter.

This IS not a baby record book. Customers who want a baby record book need to buy ... well a baby record book!

This book is split down in to sections for each year of your child's life asking the same questions each year so you can build up a picture of their childhood until finally you give them the completed book for their 18th birthday (... there's also a version if you have a son with the same questions in but with a more boyish colour scheme).

My daughter is four in a few weeks but luckily I've kept a Word doc with memorable dates and mile stones plus I have tons of photos and a photobook for each year of her life so I have been able to complete the first three years (birth to one / one to two and two to three) easily.

It has been wonderful looking back and I hope my daughter is pleased with the result.

There's a tiny space for the following questions :
A few of your favourite things
A few of my favourite things
Where we live
Who we live with
Ailments this year

Half a page for the following :
For the record (I've used this for Christmas no 1, top grossing film, football premiership winner, prime minister etc)
What you are like
Things you have done and said
Things that have happened in the world this year
Adventures we have had this year
Adventures I would love to have with you in the coming year
My hopes and dreams for the next 12 months
My predictions of what you will be like when you grow up

A full page for:
How I feel about our year together
A full blank page (I've used this to write extra bits and also printed out mini photos to stick in)

Plus space for a small photo

As you can probably tell I love to write but the amount of space you have to fill isn't daunting even for someone who isn't big on writing. Plus I've used small writing to squeeze more in but you can always use large handwriting to fill the space.

I think this is a lovely idea and it would make a wonderful gift to a mum with a new baby. Even when time is tight with a newborn you could jot notes on a post it for each section and complete the book at a later date when time isn't such an issue.

Off the back of this I've also bought "Dear Mum From You To Me" for myself to complete to give to my daughter and also one for my mum to complete for me (which will evensually go to my daughter) plus the Dad version for my dad ... much more writing required here and much more challenging questions but I'm looking foward to writing in mine and reading the books my parents complete.

All in all my daughter is going to have quite a bit of bedtime reading ready for her when she grows up.

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