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exceeded my expectations

This book exceeded my expectations .Story itself is beautiful and can teach kids a lot. My kids really enjoyed the story of the book. With Christmas coming ,they will probably ask for it to be read more often .I would purchase this product not only for my kids but friends kids and family too. It would be nice to see this beautiful book available in store shelves too.



a cute idea

Lovely quality and well packaged. I thought it was a cute idea. The front cover looked good and my daughter liked the pictures of all the animals. I’m not sure she really got the concept of this book to be honest. Harriet really liked the illustrations but I’m not sure she understood the wishes of the animals!The illustrations were great and bought the story to life. We have read this book about 4 times but it is not a book that Harriet goes back to and asks us to keep reading. My daughter loved the pictures the most. I liked the idea and the illustrations were great. I think it is quite expensive, although the quality is great it is a short story. Excellent quality book. Great quality and illustrations and loved the idea but didn’t feel the story really delivered. Loved the idea and pictures but the story didn’t captivate my daughter and she didn’t understand the concept or the wishes of the animals.



really nice quality print/publishing and a sweet story

Lovely quality publishing, particularly the glossy finish to parts of the cover. Very sweet idea, but from the title I expected it to be more of a scrap book style item rather than just a story. My child found the front cover very inviting. Archie enjoyed the story and sat through the whole reading. He’s chosen it a few times too when he wants to read a story. He was entertained by the animals. Animals are always captivating. Really nice illustrations, plenty to talk about in the pictures. We have read this 3 or 4 times but I am sure we will read more over the Christmas period. Bit young to know what Archie liked about this book but he loved the illustrations and repetition theme. I thought this was really nice quality print/publishing and a sweet story. The quality is very good. I would recommend if they were looking for a nice Christmas Eve story to share. A lovely little book, shame there wasn’t more opportunity to personalise in order to become a true keepsake.

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