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Professional Working Mum


Beautiful words and illustrations

Sent this as a birthday present to young cousin. Loves the illustration and is able to read along with her mother.



it has helped with sleep time

Definitely good value as it has helped with sleep time. The quality is fantastic. I think it is great this was written by 9 year old Mila as children know what helps to make them feel safe and to get them comfortable. It has been a massive help tackling bedtime. I would recommend for others to try for themselves and see if it works for them too. Fantastic book great illustrations and brilliant quality. Bed time is now a pleasure thank you to this book we love going to bed to read the tale of a sleepy bunny.


Nice size hardback book. The cover illustration was cute

Nice size hardback book. The cover illustration was cute. I thought the concept was sweet. The front cover was of interest to my son as he likes bunnies. I thought the story was shot but nice illustrations. My son listened to it once but then was not interested in having it read to him again. The illustrations were lovely and complimented the story. Unfortunately this book did not interest my son and only read once as was not interested in it any more. My son did like naming the animals though. I just loved the illustrations. Always nice to have a dedication page in a book. I don’t feel it had that many words and £8 seems expensive for it. The quality is lovely. I was not aware this was written by 9 year old Mila, it makes me understand why there were probably less words to the story. I feel to be paperback it needs more depth of story and words, I feel this is suited to a younger child and therefore a board book would be better. I would not recommend as I do not think it compares to other books out there. This is a sweet story and lovely illustrations but it did not make my son want to reread it. It’s a very nice book but short in story. I feel it would have been better as a board book for a younger child up to the age of 2

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